Top Dog Pet Resort

Topdog Pet Resort  is located 900 meters from Topcat Cattery. The kennels are large  with all pens having their own inside / outside area. All pens have either an north or east outlook into landscaped gardens with an abundance of livestock to keep your dogs entertained.

Vaccine information
All dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 vaccination. The vaccination must be current and any shots / booster shots must be finalized no less than 12 days before check in date. Proof of vaccination is required on the day.

Please give your dog a flea treatment 2 days before arrival. If a dog is found to have fleas it will be treated at your expense..

Upon arrival your dog must stay in the car until all paper work in reception is finalised, then your dog can be brought in on a lead.

Bedding is supplied but you are welcome to bring your dogs favourite bed / blanket but it must be washed and clean.Topdog Pet Resort will not be responsible if your dog rips up its bedding so do not bring expensive accessories.

Helpful information

  • On check in day its appreciated if you have your dog here early..This gives us time to get your dog settled and monitor its behavior before closing time.
  • Do not let your dog out in the morning. Dogs know if your are packing up for a holiday, they realize that  ” something is happening ” out of the norm and may go into hiding if the opportunity arises.
  • Check  that your vaccinations are current at least a month before your holiday.This gives you time to have them updated if they have expired
  • We appreciate it if you drop your dogs off early AM This gives us time to settle your dog and monitor his/her progress before closing.



Sunday 10am-3pm
Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 8am-11am


  • Hours are subject to change if there are no drop offs or pick ups booked for that day.
  • If you arrive home early and decide ” to drop in” and pick up your dog without informing us of the intent to do so, there is a chance the kennels may be closed..note above.



“Peak Periods”

  • 20th Dec –15 th Jan..minimum stay  8 days
  • Easter..Thursday–Tuesday  minimum stay  6 days
  • All school holidays–